Tarot Guidance for Guru Purnima

Today, we celebrate Guru Purnima, a festival dedicated to spiritual and academic teachers. This festival falls on the Full Moon Day  (Purnima) in the Hindu month of Ashadha (June–July), and this day marks the first peak of the lunar cycle after the peak of the solar cycle. It is believed that Guru Purnima is the day when Shiva became the Adi Guru –first teacher. This day has been astutely woven into various mythological stories like the Mahabharata, and is also celebrated by Jains and Buddhists, along with Hindus.

In Thomas Carruthers words, a teacher is one who makes himself progressively unnecessary; and that’s exactly how life functions when it comes to her role of playing the Guru. Life continues to teach us lessons as she diminishes with every passing moment like a burning candle, and these life lessons are portals to deep wisdom necessary for the evolution of our soul. There can be no better teacher than life itself for the one who looks at every life situation as an opportunity to learn valuable life lessons that contribute to our growth as a human being.

Here’s my Tarot spread to honour life, the biggest Guru that we all can learn a lot from.




The detailed explanation for each of the card positions is as follows :
Card 1 – What lesson my present life situation is teaching me?
Card 2 – What supports me in learning this life lesson?
Card 3 – What hinders me in learning this life lesson?
Card 4 – How can I align this life lesson with my life purpose?
Card 5 – What is the guidance for me from Life as my Guru?
Card 6 – What is the wisdom I will take back from this life lesson?




Here’s a reading I did for myself with the Guru Purnima Spread :

my spread

Card 1 – What lesson my present life situation is teaching me?
Daughter of Cups – I need to balance my creativity with reality by being grounded; it’s time to put the foundations under the castles I have built in air.
Card 2 – What supports me in learning this life lesson?
8 of Wands – The clarity I have, and my openness to embrace change supports me in this learning process by putting my plans into motion.
Card 3 – What hinders me in learning this life lesson?
5 of Swords – My inability to choose peace over unnecessary battles and conflicts.
Card 4 – How can I align this life lesson with my life purpose?
9 of Pentacles – By focusing on my work, my material and spiritual goals will be in a harmonious synch.
Card 5 – What is the guidance for me from Life as my Guru?
The Devil – I need to free myself from self-doubt and fears that stop me from moving ahead.
Card 6 – What is the wisdom I will take back from this life lesson?
8 of Pentacles – I need to hone my skills and find mastery in my craft with dedication and perseverance.

The deck used here is ‘The Wild Unknown Tarot’ by Kim Krans.

Learning can be fun too, if you look at the process with wonder and enthusiasm, if you understand that even difficulties have within them the seeds for joy that comes from progressing on our life path. Today, I bow down to all my teachers, my parents, my children, my pets and life itself, with deep respect and heartfelt gratitude.

Wishing you all an auspicious Guru Purnima!




Tarot Ethics

Every Tarot Reader has their own value system that they adhere to when offering their services to seekers. Each professional follows his own moral compass to decide what they are comfortable with, and chooses to abide by the set of rules they have created for themselves and are comfortable with. It is very important for a seeker to go through the list of ethics or policies that are applicable when they choose a Tarot Reader, before paying for a session. It is advisable to opt for a Tarot Reader whose professional ethics do not clash with your queries and the type of answers you are seeking.



Here’s a list of my own moral code when it comes to offering my services as a Tarot Reader…

  • Clients need be over eighteen years of age to avail my services. However, this does not mean that I don’t read for children, young adults accompanied by a parent/s can seek guidance, especially with issues like to choosing a career path, building confidence, dealing with fears and general wellness. Parents can seek assistance regarding how they can improve their family environment; empower their children and similar issues as long as they are focused on bringing change in a given situation as parents.
  • If you want to know if you are pregnant, please use a medical pregnancy testing kit as it’s the most accurate method, and cheaper too. The Indian Law does not permit the knowing of the gender of an unborn child, and I am a law-abiding citizen, so refrain from asking me this question. Having said that, I am more than willing to work with you when it comes to guiding you with the help of Tarot, about how you can prepare yourself to be better parents, or take care of yourself during pregnancy, during and after childbirth.
  • I do not read issues related to serious or critical illnesses, especially if you hope to know the outcome. Tarot can certainly guide you about how to remain balanced and have the right frame of mind during such difficult times. Kindly note that such readings are in no way meant to replace medical attention and treatment – the guidance received from Tarot is NOT professional medical advice.
  • Legal issues are serious, and a Tarot reading is not a substitute for professional legal advice. Tarot can certainly guide you about where the energy of the situation is headed and how you can work with the people involved, for a more suitable outcome, but asking to know the final outcome of a court case is not an appropriate approach, as the future is dynamic. Tarot Readings do NOT substitute professional legal advice.
  • Refrain from asking me to spy on others with the help of Tarot – I do not entertain third-party readings. Unless a person, or an issue related to another person, is affecting you directly, no reading will be done to check on people other than yourself. Even in such cases, the readings will focus on you as the purpose of the reading and not the other person/s.
  • I do not offer my services for picking out lottery or lotto numbers. To know about where to invest and how your investments will perform, seek professional advice from a financial expert. However, Tarot can guide you about the psychological and karmic blocks that could be stopping you from living the abundant life that you desire.
  • The future is unpredictable, dynamic and every small change in the present affects it. Therefore, outcome/result depicted during a reading depends not only on the situation remaining constant, but also the guidance received being religiously followed. It’s best not to ask yes/no or ‘when’ question, and even if you do to remain open to other possibilities. The more suitable way to deal with such issues is to ask what you need to do to get what you want, in a time-frame that you want it in.
  • Once a tarot reading has been done for a particular issue in your life, it’s best not to repeat readings for the same issue because you are hoping to receive a different guidance or answer. Ideally, I suggest you wait for at least a month before you opt for another reading for an existing issue, provided that either the situation has changed, or you have diligently followed the advice received when the reading was done for the first time.
  • Be open to the possibility of your questions being re-framed or rephrased to receive the most appropriate guidance. Most times, questions have to be reworded to make them client-centric, to avoid third-party readings. For example, if you want to know about your ex after a breakup, I would recommend you to look at how you can heal your pain and insecurity to move on…or, if you are inquisitive about a prospective relationship, I would suggest you ask Tarot what you need to do to be more open to having a loving relationship. Similarly, Tarot can help you with guidance about how to stay calm and deal with a person who is critically ill, or what to be careful of when dealing with a legal issue or a financial matter.
  • All readings are strictly confidential. You are in a safe environment and all readings will be done without judgment and with compassion, and the more honest you are with your situation and questions, the more accurate your guidance will be.

There are times when seekers are a little confused about their queries and how to ask the right questions, and it’s a good idea to work with your Tarot Reader to have a successful session by asking questions that are empowering, that give you holistic answers which guide you to take the appropriate steps to move ahead to achieve what you desire.


How To Get The Most Out Of A Tarot Reading

The first step to getting the most out of a Tarot Reading session is to find the right Tarot reader. It’s important to check the credentials of your Tarot reader with regards to her background training and experience. A Tarot reader who is trained in psychology and/or other alternative therapy and healing methods, though not necessary, will certainly be in a position to offer a broader perspective, additional guidance and support, especially if your situation demands it. Some readers have client feedback and testimonials to back them up, but many a times when readers are new, they do readings in exchange for a feedback. Therefore it’s important to use your discernment to check the authenticity of such testimonials by checking if they are more generalized, or they are specific when it comes to the experiences shared therein. Most times, a word of mouth or referrals help you to connect with experienced and expert readers, who are authentic, thereby reducing the risk of approaching the wrong kind. 

Once you have found a suitable reader, the next crucial thing to remember, is to be honest with your issues and the guidance you are seeking. Though it’s not important to reveal every minute detail of your life, especially if you are not comfortable doing so, it’s advisable to refrain from lying or manipulating facts, as this affects the accuracy of the Tarot readings. If you have approached a sincere and aware Tarot reader, trust that you will not be judged for whatever is happening in your life, and that the reader is a mere medium who knows that her job is to convey the messages meant for you, with the help of Tarot. 



Apart from being truthful, it helps if you are clear about the questions to which you are seeking answers or guidance for. The more specific your questions are, the more clear will the guidance received be. There may be occasions when confusion may hinder you from being precise with what you are seeking from a session, during such times, trust your Tarot reader to guide you to approach the situation with clarity and help you to frame and ask the right questions. 

Lastly, it’s important to ask the right questions during a Tarot reading. Asking close-ended questions- the ones that begin with ‘will’ and ‘when’ will lead to answers that are restrictive. The future is not set in stone, and a single conscious or unconscious change in the situation can change the final outcome of a situation. The outcome or answers given by Tarot are applicable only if the situation continues to remain unchanged, which is usually not the case about anything in life. Hence, it’s important to ask questions that are empowering, questions that will guide you about how to achieve your goals rather than those that will give you answers that are limiting…. for instance, instead of asking, ‘Will I get this job?’, ask this question, ‘What do I need to do to get this job?’. Rephrasing  the question, ‘When will I find the love of my life?’ to ‘What should I do to find the love of my life at the earliest?’, is more empowering as it puts you in control of the situation. A good Tarot reader will guide you to ask the right questions and will also will assist you in phrasing your questions in a way for you to get the best out of your reading session. 



Remember, it’s you who’s holding the magic wand that will change your life and guide you when it comes to fulfilling your desires. A good Tarot reader will be instrumental in connecting you to your own power and potency by successfully making you aware that you that you are the master of your destiny.  

Tarot – A Multifaceted Divination Tool


One of the primary reasons my brand new Tarot deck remained unopened in the farthest corner of my bookshelf, was me believing that Tarot was a Divination tool used for predictions, fortune telling and forecasting. Fear of the unknown, and a value system that did not endorse knowing the future beforehand, made me uncomfortable. Fortunately for me, over the last few years, as I continue learning everyday, Tarot has unfolded the secrets of the varied ways in which it can be used, apart from just predicting. 



For those who believe in destiny, Tarot works as a tool that provides relevant information, warning, and prepares you to deal with what’s to come in your life. However, the future is not set in stone, and here the important aspect of Tarot being a guidance tool, can be put to use. By asking questions that are empowering, rather than close-ended questions, Tarot can guide you how to achieve desired outcomes for your efforts, and how best to deal with tricky  life situations. In this way, Tarot as a Divination tool, helps you to become the co-creator of your life. 

Some of the different ways in which Tarot can play an important part in your life are listed below.

1.) Tarot helps us to understand ourselves better, thereby making us aware of the qualities that we can get the best out of, and areas where we need to work on ourselves .

2.) Tarot shows us how our past actions are influencing our present situations, and using this information, guides us as to how we can go about shifting our circumstances to achieve our goals.

3.) Tarot gives us a glimpse of not only all the choices available to us, but also reveals possibilities that we may have overlooked.

4.) Tarot unlocks the secrets of our subconscious mind and how it is affecting our life situations.

5.) Tarot is an excellent tool that aids in focusing our attention to whatever it is that we desire, when used in combination with meditation, affirmations and rituals.

6.) Tarot guides us when it comes to aligning our personal goals to our life/soul purpose with its ability to chart our life path when used with Numerology.

7.) For believers, Tarot unfolds secrets from past lives, delivers messages from ancestors, and conveys messages from Guides, Gurus and Masters.

8.) Tarot involves ‘active’ listening from a completely non-judgmental space, offering guidance to transform limiting perspectives and beliefs to more empowering and potent wisdom, thereby making it an effective counselling and therapeutic tool. 

9.) Tarot enables us to improve our power of imagination and enhances our intuitive abilities.

10.) Tarot has the ability to not only unearth our hidden fears and guide us about how we can rise above them, but can also reveal our hidden talents and direct us about how to get the best out of them.



Tarot has enriched my life in a myriad of ways, from helping me understand myself better, to guiding me during the defining moments of my life. Next time you are looking for answers, or need a hint about which direction is best for your life journey, do give Tarot a chance to be your lighthouse, your guiding star. 

My Journey With Tarot




When I embarked on the journey of experiencing, understanding and learning various healing modalities, Tarot was also on my ‘to-do’ list. I did buy my very first deck, a Rider-Waite Smith, and though I found metaphysics and esoteric science intriguing, it took me over a year to begin exploring Tarot as a Divination tool. As I look back to that particular year, when my Deck just sat in the cupboard, I cannot seem to pinpoint the exact reason why it took me time to get to it.

It was meant to be!

Though I was connected to a lot many Tarot readers and teachers due to the nature of my work, I ended up choosing a very unconventional teacher, who I happened to befriend at a store near my home. Having learnt Tarot from a teacher who wasn’t connected to any other areas of healing was a blessing. It gave me a fresh perspective, and I could learn Tarot without being held back or blocked by the beliefs and concepts of someone from the healers’ fraternity. This turned out to be a wonderful opportunity to integrate my knowledge from the other modalities I was trained in, with Tarot, resulting in a reading style that is different and unique. As I continued to explore Tarot for the next few years, as a student and as a teacher, not only did I expand my knowledge and skill, but also developed a stronger bond with Tarot.

Apart from helping me with guidance and predictions, Tarot taught me some very important life lessons. It taught me to trust the Divine Timing – everything happens at the right time…it took me almost a year after having bought my first Deck, to learn Tarot, and a few more years to immerse myself completely into it. Only when you are ready, will the opportunity show up for you and it’s for you to take the first step. Tarot was instrumental in my realising that learning is a continuous process and the the only thing you should be sure of, is that you don’t know everything. Tarot keeps me grounded by reminding me that patience, perseverance and practice are the keys to excelling at everything.

Tarot continues to amaze me, and plays a huge part in my evolving as a person. There’s so much more to explore, to learn, and to offer to those seeking to benefit from Tarot. Moreover, sharing this part of my life with others is fulfilling and gives me immense joy.