My Journey With Tarot




When I embarked on the journey of experiencing, understanding and learning various healing modalities, Tarot was also on my ‘to-do’ list. I did buy my very first deck, a Rider-Waite Smith, and though I found metaphysics and esoteric science intriguing, it took me over a year to begin exploring Tarot as a Divination tool. As I look back to that particular year, when my Deck just sat in the cupboard, I cannot seem to pinpoint the exact reason why it took me time to get to it.

It was meant to be!

Though I was connected to a lot many Tarot readers and teachers due to the nature of my work, I ended up choosing a very unconventional teacher, who I happened to befriend at a store near my home. Having learnt Tarot from a teacher who wasn’t connected to any other areas of healing was a blessing. It gave me a fresh perspective, and I could learn Tarot without being held back or blocked by the beliefs and concepts of someone from the healers’ fraternity. This turned out to be a wonderful opportunity to integrate my knowledge from the other modalities I was trained in, with Tarot, resulting in a reading style that is different and unique. As I continued to explore Tarot for the next few years, as a student and as a teacher, not only did I expand my knowledge and skill, but also developed a stronger bond with Tarot.

Apart from helping me with guidance and predictions, Tarot taught me some very important life lessons. It taught me to trust the Divine Timing – everything happens at the right time…it took me almost a year after having bought my first Deck, to learn Tarot, and a few more years to immerse myself completely into it. Only when you are ready, will the opportunity show up for you and it’s for you to take the first step. Tarot was instrumental in my realising that learning is a continuous process and the the only thing you should be sure of, is that you don’t know everything. Tarot keeps me grounded by reminding me that patience, perseverance and practice are the keys to excelling at everything.

Tarot continues to amaze me, and plays a huge part in my evolving as a person. There’s so much more to explore, to learn, and to offer to those seeking to benefit from Tarot. Moreover, sharing this part of my life with others is fulfilling and gives me immense joy.


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