Tarot – A Multifaceted Divination Tool


One of the primary reasons my brand new Tarot deck remained unopened in the farthest corner of my bookshelf, was me believing that Tarot was a Divination tool used for predictions, fortune telling and forecasting. Fear of the unknown, and a value system that did not endorse knowing the future beforehand, made me uncomfortable. Fortunately for me, over the last few years, as I continue learning everyday, Tarot has unfolded the secrets of the varied ways in which it can be used, apart from just predicting. 



For those who believe in destiny, Tarot works as a tool that provides relevant information, warning, and prepares you to deal with what’s to come in your life. However, the future is not set in stone, and here the important aspect of Tarot being a guidance tool, can be put to use. By asking questions that are empowering, rather than close-ended questions, Tarot can guide you how to achieve desired outcomes for your efforts, and how best to deal with tricky  life situations. In this way, Tarot as a Divination tool, helps you to become the co-creator of your life. 

Some of the different ways in which Tarot can play an important part in your life are listed below.

1.) Tarot helps us to understand ourselves better, thereby making us aware of the qualities that we can get the best out of, and areas where we need to work on ourselves .

2.) Tarot shows us how our past actions are influencing our present situations, and using this information, guides us as to how we can go about shifting our circumstances to achieve our goals.

3.) Tarot gives us a glimpse of not only all the choices available to us, but also reveals possibilities that we may have overlooked.

4.) Tarot unlocks the secrets of our subconscious mind and how it is affecting our life situations.

5.) Tarot is an excellent tool that aids in focusing our attention to whatever it is that we desire, when used in combination with meditation, affirmations and rituals.

6.) Tarot guides us when it comes to aligning our personal goals to our life/soul purpose with its ability to chart our life path when used with Numerology.

7.) For believers, Tarot unfolds secrets from past lives, delivers messages from ancestors, and conveys messages from Guides, Gurus and Masters.

8.) Tarot involves ‘active’ listening from a completely non-judgmental space, offering guidance to transform limiting perspectives and beliefs to more empowering and potent wisdom, thereby making it an effective counselling and therapeutic tool. 

9.) Tarot enables us to improve our power of imagination and enhances our intuitive abilities.

10.) Tarot has the ability to not only unearth our hidden fears and guide us about how we can rise above them, but can also reveal our hidden talents and direct us about how to get the best out of them.



Tarot has enriched my life in a myriad of ways, from helping me understand myself better, to guiding me during the defining moments of my life. Next time you are looking for answers, or need a hint about which direction is best for your life journey, do give Tarot a chance to be your lighthouse, your guiding star. 


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