How To Get The Most Out Of A Tarot Reading

The first step to getting the most out of a Tarot Reading session is to find the right Tarot reader. It’s important to check the credentials of your Tarot reader with regards to her background training and experience. A Tarot reader who is trained in psychology and/or other alternative therapy and healing methods, though not necessary, will certainly be in a position to offer a broader perspective, additional guidance and support, especially if your situation demands it. Some readers have client feedback and testimonials to back them up, but many a times when readers are new, they do readings in exchange for a feedback. Therefore it’s important to use your discernment to check the authenticity of such testimonials by checking if they are more generalized, or they are specific when it comes to the experiences shared therein. Most times, a word of mouth or referrals help you to connect with experienced and expert readers, who are authentic, thereby reducing the risk of approaching the wrong kind. 

Once you have found a suitable reader, the next crucial thing to remember, is to be honest with your issues and the guidance you are seeking. Though it’s not important to reveal every minute detail of your life, especially if you are not comfortable doing so, it’s advisable to refrain from lying or manipulating facts, as this affects the accuracy of the Tarot readings. If you have approached a sincere and aware Tarot reader, trust that you will not be judged for whatever is happening in your life, and that the reader is a mere medium who knows that her job is to convey the messages meant for you, with the help of Tarot. 



Apart from being truthful, it helps if you are clear about the questions to which you are seeking answers or guidance for. The more specific your questions are, the more clear will the guidance received be. There may be occasions when confusion may hinder you from being precise with what you are seeking from a session, during such times, trust your Tarot reader to guide you to approach the situation with clarity and help you to frame and ask the right questions. 

Lastly, it’s important to ask the right questions during a Tarot reading. Asking close-ended questions- the ones that begin with ‘will’ and ‘when’ will lead to answers that are restrictive. The future is not set in stone, and a single conscious or unconscious change in the situation can change the final outcome of a situation. The outcome or answers given by Tarot are applicable only if the situation continues to remain unchanged, which is usually not the case about anything in life. Hence, it’s important to ask questions that are empowering, questions that will guide you about how to achieve your goals rather than those that will give you answers that are limiting…. for instance, instead of asking, ‘Will I get this job?’, ask this question, ‘What do I need to do to get this job?’. Rephrasing  the question, ‘When will I find the love of my life?’ to ‘What should I do to find the love of my life at the earliest?’, is more empowering as it puts you in control of the situation. A good Tarot reader will guide you to ask the right questions and will also will assist you in phrasing your questions in a way for you to get the best out of your reading session. 



Remember, it’s you who’s holding the magic wand that will change your life and guide you when it comes to fulfilling your desires. A good Tarot reader will be instrumental in connecting you to your own power and potency by successfully making you aware that you that you are the master of your destiny.  


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