cropped-11425217_102564906750923_8536886310742480198_n1Anupama S. Joshi has been offering guidance received from the Source through Tarot, to seekers looking for answers to their questions and solutions for their concerns, for over five years. She continues to study the secrets Tarot for better understanding and deeper insights about how this Divination tool works. She is also exploring Numerology and Runes, so as to integrate them with Tarot, as part of her endeavor to expand her horizons.

She is also a trained Clinical Hypnotherapist and has resolved issues stemming from childhood and past lives, using Age and Past Life Regression Therapies. She is also an Emotional Freedom Techniques practitioner and integrates various modalities like Advanced DNA Theta Healing and Journey Intensive Processes, to achieve desired outcomes. Access Bars & Body processes are another set of tools that she uses to bring ease and joy in her clients’ lives.

She can be contacted for courses and workshops, by those aspiring to learn Tarot.